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    We specialize in developmental gymnastics at all levels with teaching through inspiration and not humiliation.  We strive to empower kids through positive reinforcement.

    Our goal is for our gymnasts to have self-esteem, life skills and self confidence that carries over into their lives today and into the future.

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    Now offering Saturday Classes! Please call 970 330 0632 if you are interested in Saturday morning classes!

    The Legend of Theo Digerness

     The Legend of Theo Digerness

    Gather ‘round my friends and a story I’ll tell of a young man named Theo, you all know him well

    That skinny young kid from North Denver High, and the glory he earned as he swung in the sky.

    Then off to Ft. Collins to college he went, and thousands of hours of practice he spent

    To perfect his giants, his changes, his swing, all around the nation, he was known as the king!

    He was never defeated in his great senior year, he met every challenge,  he never felt fear.

    He won the big open, and then led  the  pack,   no one could touch him as he easily won W.A.C.

    With one meet left, the season would end, he flew to the Nationals,   he went there to win.

    His warm up went smoothly, yes that was his way, when Theo would swing all eyes turned his way.

    Theo jumped to the high bar and pointed his  toes,   he pulled a back uprise, to the heavens he rose.

    He went for the free hips and suddenly on top, a dynamic change to a California Hop.

    Then a Higgins, and Eagles and a half Ono out, he’s the best in the world, there is surely no doubt.

    With one final change, he let that bar fly, and was spinning so smoothly alone in the sky.

    He dropped from the heavens and with Theo’s good luck, a piked  doubleback that young man had stuck.

    And on that great moment his Hick hit the floor, the crowd on their feet gave a thunderous roar.

    For three solid minutes a standing ovation, that had never been matched in a gymnastics nation!

    Well, finally it quieted, the applause came no more, the people sat down to await Theo’s score.

    One judge scored 9.8, another 9.9,  then the crowd felt this was the time.

    With another 9.9, they looked to the end, the last judge hesitated and then flashed a 10!

    A perfect 10 was shown to the crowd, then back on their feet, the gym went wild!

    He waved to the crowd, his opponents ….. forlorn.

    A poor kid from Denver, now a hero was born!

    The story has ended, but the legend will live, for his love of gymnastics,

    At his camp he will give. To any young gymnast with energy to burn, they’ll see all his tricks and he’ll help them to learn.

    Theo has now reached perfection, but we all can too for you see my friends, this legend is true!


    Written by Bill Orebaugh